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It’s quite surprising that there are actually a people there who have an extra key and end up in a tight spot when they get locked out or misplace their keys. It’s really important, for homeowners, business owners, car owners and others to have a key. This can save you a lot of time, money and stress. Finding a place to keep your keys is crucial whether its by hiding them in a safe spot or investing in a key safe.


Lockouts can happen to anyone. They are always annoying at the least. That’s why it’s best to be prepared for a lockout before it actually happens. Having a key not saves you precious time and money but can also be incredibly helpful in emergencies like when parents accidentally lock their young child inside the house while taking out the trash!


One common reason, for lockouts is when a key becomes damaged or broken. Keys can wear out over time due to use. The pressure they endure. If a key has been used for a time it may easily snap.

If you notice that your locks are not functioning properly it could be an indication that your key’s on the verge of breaking. By inspecting the key you might spot cracks along its shaft, which indicate a risk of snapping.

Having a key can help reduce the likelihood of damaging the key. This is because one key won’t bear all the pressure, from prolonged use. With a key owners have the option to switch between keys. This way they can use the spare if their original shows signs of wear and tear preventing it from breaking inside the lock and causing a lockout.


There are reasons why individuals may require a replacement, such, as misplacing their keys having them stolen or damaging them. Regardless of the situation the next step would be to seek assistance from a locksmith to create a key.

Having a readily available significantly reduces the time it takes for a locksmith to make a new key. If the original key is not accessible the locksmith will. Need to disassemble your lock or utilize methods to obtain the necessary key code for cutting a new one. However if you already have a key the key cutting process only takes minutes. Will cost you only a fraction of what it would have without an extra key.

In case your keys are lost or stolen we strongly recommend changing your locks and obtaining keys to ensure they do not end up in the hands. At Locks & Safe Bronx we always provide 2/3 keys, with every door lock replacement; additional keys can be provided upon request made in advance.

The Convenience of Spare Keys for Multiple Users

It can be quite problematic to have one set of keys, in households or businesses with multiple users. Relying on a person to be available for locking and unlocking doors is not efficient and the chances of misplacing the key increase as more people use it. To address this issue having a key for each individual is a solution. Additionally those who are concerned about access control can explore implementing master systems. For information, on this topic it would be beneficial to consult with a professional locksmith.

Spare Keys Can Save You Money

Having a key can actually be quite beneficial, in the run for homeowners, car owners and business owners alike. With a key or even multiple ones at your disposal you can easily sidestep the expenses that come with locksmith services such, as door unlocking or key extraction. These costs tend to be considerably higher compared to getting a key made.

How Many Spare Keys Should You Have?

It’s essential to consider who should have a key, to your property to ensure optimal security. While its important to trust the person factors, like proximity and reliability should also be taken into account. In case you find yourself locked out it’s beneficial to have someone who can quickly provide you with a key.

We suggest giving a key to a trusted neighbor whom you know well. Family members and close friends are also options. Regardless of whom you choose it is crucial that they are trustworthy and unlikely to misplace your key as this could potentially jeopardize the security of your home.

Additional Tips On Spare Keys

Many individuals have concerns that possessing keys could increase the vulnerability of their residences, vehicles and workplaces. Their rationale is that the the number of keys, in circulation the the chances of unauthorized access. To address this risk it is advisable to store your spare keys and entrust them only to reliable individuals. Avoid leaving keys such as, beneath a plant pot or doormat) and maintain a record of those who possess each spare key.

Having keys is an approach to avoid wasting time and money in case of being locked out. They offer a sense of security added convenience and the assurance that you won’t be stranded outside for long. It’s always important to keep your keys hidden or securely stored in a key safe, for optimal protection.