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Why You Should Change The Locks When You Change Roommates?

Ensuring the safety of your home often gets overlooked when you live with roommates. However it’s really important to give it priority. When one of your roommates leaves it’s a move to take the steps to maintain security by changing the locks. This proactive action helps create an environment, when there are no conflicts. Moreover making it a habit to change locks whenever a new roommate moves, in can greatly enhance home security and give you peace of mind. Our team of experts is fully prepared and ready to provide lock changing services ensuring that your living space is safe and well protected.

The Potential Risks When a Roommate Departs

People can sometimes behave in ways. When a roommate decides to move out there is a chance that feelings of resentment may arise. Even if they return your key it’s possible that they could have made copies without your knowledge. They might also share information, about belongings in your home essentially giving thieves an opportunity to steal at their convenience. On the hand they could choose to vandalize your place while you’re away.

Using a key to gain entry complicates matters with the authorities and insurance companies. Police reports may not be filed since there is no evidence of forced entry and insurance claims for stolen items might be more difficult to prove if the person responsible had access, to a key.

The Benefits of Lock Replacement

Knowing that your home is secure by replacing all locks will ensure peace of mind. Even if a roommate moves out and returns their key it’s hard to be certain that they haven’t made any duplicates. It’s better to assume that they have or even gave somebody else a copy, by changing the locks you can be absolutely sure that nobody but you has a copy of your keys.

Your safety should always come first, even if you maintain a great relationship with your roommate, there’s a chance they may have shared their key with someone who could potentially pose a threat.

If you live in an apartment building don’t assume that the management has changed the locks after the previous tenant left. You may not know who this tenant was or how keys they might have given out.

It’s up to you to prioritize your security. To prevent access, to your home it’s important to replace your locks so that only you possess the keys. If at any point you share a key and start questioning your decision consider replacing the locks.