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If you worry about your car safety then parking in your garage can provide the peace of mind you are looking. Not only it protects your car from thieves but it also helps keep it in its best condition.

Protection from Weather Conditions

Keeping your car safe from bad weather helps prevent damage to its paintwork and rust. It keeps you from getting wet on rainy days and keep you from burning your hands on extreamly hot steering wheel during summer days!

Low Insurance Premiums

Parking your car securely in the garage can lead to reduced insurance premiums with major insurance companies, they perceive it as an option.

Car Preservation

Parking indoors protects the car paintwork and the interior from sun damage like color fading, leather seats cracking and dashboard surface deterioration.

Reduces Theft Risks

Parking your car inside the garage extremely reduce the chances of theft. Thieves are more likely target vehicles that are easily accessible than those securely locked away in the garage.

How Secure is Driveway Parking?

Most people choose to park their cars in their driveways and as much it can provide a sense of security it is not as safe as inside the garage. If you still decide to park your car in your driveway make sure that you can see it from a window in your house, install motion sensor lights to detect any activity next to tour car and park as close as possible to your house.