Key Fob Programming

duplicating transponder keys

Transponder chips were introduced in car keys during the 1980’s to prevent theft and since become a must have feature in cars and trucks manufactured since the late 90s. These chips send a signal at a radio frequency, which is required by the vehicles ignition system to work. While initially used with keys many car manufacturers now use laser cut keys along with transponder chips for security measures.


When it comes to duplicating transponder keys, the complexity and cost vary depending on the keys functionality and design. At Lock and Safe Bronx, we understand that it may be daunting to figure out the best course of action for your key fob programming needs. That’s why you can trust our team of professionals to deliver quality service at the most affordable prices. We have the latest tools and technologies to help us make perfect copies of your transponder keys in record time.

Key Fob Replacement

The convenience that key fobs offer’s undeniable. With a press of a button you can unlock your car and start it up. When you misplace or damage your fob it can be quite disturbing. Don’t worry. Locks & Safe Bronx is here to replacing and reprogramming your key fob, so you can get back on the road without any delays.

Smart Key Replacement

The exposure of key fob has made tasks like unlocking your car and starting the engine incredibly easy all without having to take the key out of your pocket. However losing such a key could leave you stranded. That’s where we come in at Locks & Safe Bronx Key & Locksmith. We specialize in reprogramming your cars system and providing you with a smart key at an affordable price.

Reasonable Prices

Despite the functionality that key fobs and smart keys offer one might assume that they come with a price tag. At Locks & Safe Bronx we believe in meeting peoples needs without burdening them. That’s why we provide budget options, for replacing fobs and smart keys ensuring that you can quickly recover from any unfortunate incidents.